Diabetes management tracking made easy

GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE diabetes management software can help you keep track of your blood glucose levels.


With GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE software, it's easy to track patterns and trends to help have more productive conversations during your visits with your healthcare professional.

  • Easy-to-view and easy-to-share reports to help have more productive conversations between you and your healthcare professional – helping them guide you through your results to help you improve your diabetes management.
  • Simply print or save your reports with just one click, making it that much easier to view and share your results.

Features: (mouse over for more information)

  • Reports
  • Reports
  • Create PDFS
  • Customizable Settings

Are you a software developer?

Are you a developer who wants to build a custom application for a blood glucose meter? Below you will see which blood glucose meters have open protocols and documentation available for building custom software applications.

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1. Check meter compatibility and system requirements

GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE has been developed to work on most computers. In order to download and use GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE, you will need:

1. One of the following blood glucose meters from Contour® Diabetes Solutions:


2. A personal computer with one of these operating systems:
Windows Vista Service Pack 2
Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
View Windows Compatible Meters >
And proper Java Runtime Environment:
Windows Operating Systems must have Java 1.6.0_17 or higher.
3. A micro USB cable to transfer meter data to a computer.

2. Learn how to connect your meter to a computer with GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE

Transferring the data from your blood glucose meter to GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE is easy.
Connect to computer

The CONTOUR®NEXT LINK meters do not require a cable to transfer data to a computer. They can be plugged directly into a computer's USB data port, and they come with GlUCOFACTS®DELUXE diabetes management software installed. Please reference the information above for system requirements and meter compatibility.

3. Get the latest user guides for GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE

User Guides provide detailed information about how to use GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE diabetes management software. You will be given the opportunity to download a copy of the User Guide when downloading the GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE software. But you can also get User Guides by clicking the link below.

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Still have questions? We've got answers. Explore our FAQs.

4. Explore the top frequently asked questions

For your convenience we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE.

Q: I’m having problems during installation. Is there a preferred sequence to use for loading software?
A: While the installation of GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE should work in any sequence of the file setup process, our Technical Specialists recommend the following sequence:
First, verify your Java version and update if necessary, according to the Meter Compatibility and System Requirements Install Cable Drivers (if applicable to your Operating System: see Meter Compatibility and System Requirements) Download and install the GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE software.

Rebooting your PC may be required upon installing meter or PC software.
Q: My meter is not detected in the Meter Information tab
A: The CONTOUR®NEXT portfolio of products (CONTOUR®NEXT) are compatible with the latest release of GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE version 3.09.02. If you are using a different version of the software with one of the CONTOUR®NEXT meters, you'll need to upgrade your software. Get started by clicking the "Download Now."
Q: What is the operating system compatibility for GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE?
A: GLUCOFACTS®DELUXE is currently compatible with Windows® 10, Windows® 8/8.1, Windows® 7, and Vista® (SP2). For the most current operating system compatibility click here.