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  Glucofacts Deluxe Product Change Notification

In order to cmoply with the changes in IVD/MDR regulations and ensure continued support for Glucofacts Deluxe, the next version of Glucofacts Deluxe, version 3.16.00, will no longer support meters that are not anymore manufactured or distributed globally.

When an unsupported meter is connected with Glucofacts Deluxe version 3.16.00 and communication is attempted, the below message will be displayed:

To request an upgrade for your meter or if you are unsure if your meter is supported, pleas call the phone number on the back of your meter for a free replacement. Your new meter will allow you to use future versions of Glucofacts Deluxe.

If you want to continue using your current meter with Glucofacts Deluxe, DO NOT upgrade your Glufocats Deluxe software to version 3.16.00.